Atlantic Coast Low Country Series, Part 1

  Brunswick Georgia

Bridge Over Sea Of Grass.

The Brunswick Bridge.

The Altamaha Canal.

The Altamaha Canal.

Entrance to Jekyll Isle.

Jumbo Shrimp, $3.75/lb!

The Brunswick Oak Tree.

The Brunswick Oak Tree,redux.

City Hall.

Brunswick Home.

Brunswick Home Close-up.

Brunswick Home #2.

Brunswick Home #3.

Brunswick Home #4.

Brunswick Home #5.

Spooky Tree Award Winner.

The Flight Of The Birds.

Flying Teeth Live Here.

This Side Of Death's Door.

A St. Simon's Private Dock.

The Bridge From Afar.

The Fishing Couple.

Fishing By The Bridge.

Fishing By The Bridge #2.

Fishing By The Bridge #3.

The View Up-river.

Gate To The Other Side

Main Gate to Other Side.

Main Gate to Other Side #2.

A Shady Repose.


Just This Side Of Heaven.

Shady Side Of Heaven.

Isle Of Hope

Table Without A Picnic.

The Picnic Tree.

The Plantation Gate.

Parade Of Oaks.

Children's Playground.

Nestled By The River.

River Mansion.

River Mansion Close-up.

River Docks.

River Docks #2.

River Docks Close-up.

River Docks Close-up #2.

A Period Piece.

Illuminated Moss.

Illuminated Moss, Big Picture.

Sun Filtered Splendor.

Mid Winter Splendor.

River Road.

The White House.

River View, Isle Of Hope.

Isolated Anchorage.

Another Look Down River.

Sailors Myth # 12   The higher the latitude, the higher the tide.

Myth Buster # 12:   Somewhat true, but local geography has as big an influence as the latitude.  Check the tides for Brunswick Georgia.

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