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California Style Guacamole.

Recipe developed over time while the author had access to Hass avacados.



  • With a fork, squash the avacados until they aren't too lumpy

  • Add mayonnaise to the squashed avacados. One large spoon of mayonnaise per avacado.

  • Add horsreadish to flavor (about 10% of the amount of mayonnaise).

  • Add cumin and cayenne pepper in equal amounts.   Start with a little and add later after mixing it all together.

  • Slice and dice the the vine ripened tomatoes.   If you can't get vine ripened tomatoes, leave them out of the recipe.   They are added for flavor, not for appearnace.

  • Mix it all with a fork, and add cumin and pepper as you wish.

Use your favorite dipping chip to eat the guacamole.   Preferably a chip without too much flavor of it's own, that would distract from the flavor of the guacamole.   Low salt tostado chips work well.  Add a little parmesan cheese if you like.