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Myth Busters

Sailors Myth # 1:   Don't bring red wine on-board.   It stains the gelcoat.

Myth Buster # 1:   Hell yes it stains!   Life is short.   Don't deprive yourself of the finer things available because you might have to clean up afterward.

Sailors Myth # 2: Don't bring beer in glass bottles on board.   The bottles might break.

Myth Buster # 2:   Hell yes they might break!   Life is short.   If beer tastes better in a bottle, don't deprive yourself of the pleasure.  Drink it and run the risk the bottle might break.   The odds of breakage are smaller than the risk of an accident on the way to the marina.

Sailors Myth # 3:   You need a GPS to go cruising.

Myth Buster # 3:   It's better to know where you're going and not know how, than to know how you're going and not know where.   You don't need a GPS to know where you're going.

Sailors Myth # 4:   Low latitude sailing is better.

Myth Buster # 4:   Sorry, it's not a myth.

Sailors Myth # 5:   Fast is fun.

Myth Buster # 5:  For those who believe the myth, this won't come as a surprise, but fast is also labor and capitol intensive.

Sailors Myth # 6: Heavy displacement is safe.

Myth Buster: Heavy is also slow, which can cause problems of it's own.

Sailors Myth # 7:   Cruising is the opportunity to repair your yacht in exotic (and some not so exotic) locations.

Myth Buster # 7:   Well, what can I say?

Sailors Myth # 8:   California wine is 'best in class' in the US.

Myth Buster # 8:   Bummer for the other 49, but it's not a myth.

Sailors Myth # 9:   Cheap wine tastes as good as expensive wine.

Myth Buster # 9:   On occasion maybe, depending on the palate, the price range, the variety and vintage, and the vineyard, etc.   For consistency, buy between $8 and $18/bottle.

Sailors Myth # 10   Good beer and wine should be served at or near room temperature.

Myth Buster # 10:   Works great if you live at or above latitude 45 without central heating.   The rest of us are going to cool it to between 60 and 70 deg F (about 65 to 71C).

Sailors Myth # 11   History is comprised of politics and warfare.

  Myth Buster # 11:   Only true for those of us who haven't crossed an ocean on a small boat.  

Sailors Myth # 12   The higher the latitude, the higher the tide.

Myth Buster # 12:   Somewhat true, but local geography has as big an influence as the latitude.  Check the tides for Brunswick Georgia.

Sailors Myth # 13   The banana is the sailor's favorite food.

Myth Buster # 13:   That's only because when you are afflicted by mal de mar, bananas taste the same coming up as they do going down.

Sailors Myth # 14   Some Like It Hot!

Myth Buster # 14:   Yeah, yeah, yeah. Some like it cold. Different strokes...

Sailors Myth # 15   Some Like It Hot!

Myth Buster # 15:   You don't know hot til' you've been to the Panama lowlands.

Sailors Myth # 16   Only rich folks sail.

Myth Buster # 16:   Only sailors sail; rich and poor.  

Sailors Myth # 12   Oak and butter in a chardonay is soooo' California and soooo' passe'.

Myth Buster # 12:   Yeah. Right.