Tis Better To Know Where You Are Going And Not Know How, Than To Know How You Going And Not Know Where


“All proofs rest on premises” - Aristotle

Better To Know Where (BTKW) is an entertaining look at a sailing voyage in San Francisco Bay.  The author brings you aboard his small yacht on an insightful three day voyage through space, time and philosophy.   Rooted in aesthetics and the waterfront history of the San Francisco Bay, the novel starts with the basic premise embedded in the title and never looks back.  Both technical and Zen aspects of sailing are discussed along the way.  Follow along on the voyage as the author weaves drama and tragedy with history as he takes you along with him on a romp aboard his 30 foot sloop Summer Wind.

The voyage starts at the Oakland Yacht Club slip where Summer Wind is berthed and goes on a round trip voyage all the way to land locked Petaluma via the Petaluma River.  There's plenty of entertainment along the way too and you can follow the drama when Summer Wind is stuck in the river with a dead engine while a fully loaded barge is making it's way downstream, unable to maneuver or stop.  Full of insightful and entertaining moments, go along for the ride to learn what it means to be a San Francisco sailor.

Learn why the sailors wind is so consistent on San Francisco Bay.  Learn how wine became one of California's biggest exports before collapsing, only to be revived again.  Get the insider skinny on hypothermia, venturi effects and Clipper Cove.  Learn why a sail boat is like the stock market and why the Polly Klaas coincidences don't add up to a conspiracy.  Look for whales with the crew as they navigate 'the slot' and agonize with the skipper as he nearly loses his young son to death by drowning.  It is all there and more...  Before your finished, you'll have repeated to yourself "I didn't know that" more times than you care to remember.

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