Ireland and California Umbrella Holocaust

Having once had the chance to hear Stan Honey, who was Roy Disney's navigater for the Cork Regatta, speak about the semi-annual race in Cork Ireland, I became determined to attend the series of races in 2006.   Naty and I set up camp in Cork in an apartment and took the bus south to Crosshaven, where the race headquarters were established at the Royal Cork Yacht Club.   We ended up getting a gig on a 60 foot power boat that was contracted by the RCYC to ferry sponsors and dignitaries out to watch the races.   Shortly after a particularly blustery day in Cork, Naty and walking around began to see the carnage amongst all the discarded umbrellas.   As you can see from the images, it was brutal.

The Forlorn Irish Umbrellas

Umbrella Jail.

Lumpy Umbrella.

For A Soft Rain.

Umbrellas And Beer.

Blue Monday.

Lumpy Umbrella.

Winter 2017 - Forlorn California Umbrellas

First and St John

First and St James

Main Post Office

Japan Town

Someone With a Sense of Humor

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