California Coastal Fog Series

Ghost Ships

Solitude Entering the River Styx.

The River Styx (centered).

Fishing Boat  from Styx.

The Amber Lynn.

Amber Lynn Close Up.

Solitude Surounded by Solitude.

Into The Mystic.

Tall Solitude.

Amber Lyn Pushing Water.

Rick at the Helm.

Shipwreck in Hell.

A Pea Soup Kind a Day.

A Pea Soup Redux.

Navigating In Fog

Navigating In Fog.

Channel Marker Reflection.

Fog Becomes Bay.

An Upside Down World.

22 x 22.

Fog Bow.

Somber Marker.

Fog Bridge.

Ghost Ship Rising.

Fog Haven 1.

Fog Haven 2.

Fog Haven 3.

The Blanket is Receding 1.

The Blanket is Receding 2.

Fishing Fleet at Rest 1.

Fishing Fleet at Rest 2.

Marooned Ketch 1.

Marooned Ketch 2.

Marooned Ketch 3.

Marooned Ketch 4.

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