Jazz Cup Spinnaker

San Francisco Bay, SBYC Jazz Cup 2009

The Jazz Cup is sponsored by the South Beach Yacht Club and hosted in the Carquinez Straight end by the Benecia Yacht Club.   The overflow racing crowd goes to the Martiniz Marina, across the straight.   The race starts out cold, and warms up fast once the course gets east and north of Angel Island.   Lots of spinnakers.

The race starts out as a beat to windward, and cracks off into a looong downwind run.

The Jazz Cup The fogs starts to move in.

The Jazz Cup Fog still movin in.

The Jazz Cup The fleets behind us.

The Jazz Cup Damn that fog.

The Jazz Cup The Black Sheep at Racoon Straits.

The Jazz Cup Fog rollin over Sausilito.

The Jazz Cup Transamerica bld in background.

The Jazz Cup Richmond/San Rafael Bridge.

The Jazz Cup Mix it up a bit.

The Jazz Cup The brothers in the background.

The Jazz Cup Step on it Jeff, they're catchin up.

The Jazz Cup Look at that track.

The Jazz Cup Infra Red heat.

The Jazz Cup Not so fast, I'm right behind.

The Jazz Cup Carquinez Bridge in site.

The Jazz Cup Race is over, a Martinez berth for Iansa.

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