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Feature Length Novels

Four feature length novels available!

Scorpio Latitudes  :  What's a friend worth?

A Mexican Tale  :  Read about life, love, death, and the indifference of the gods.   A Mexican telenovela.

Briefed On Arrival :  Or make yourself a margarita and follow Adrian Humnicki on the trail of a ruthless hacker   And there's more!

Better To Know Where;   Arm chair sailors can sail on San Francisco Bay in the wake of Jack London  


Crew Reflections: Blog Format

Interested in sailing the Sea of Cortez?   Follow C. B. Mosher   as he blogs his way aboard Ketch 22 from Loreto to La Paz

More interested in the Caribbean?   Follow  day to day life aboard Ketch22 in the Caribbean.   This blog describes a voyage from Guatemala to Panama.

Don't like Guatemala you say?   No problem.   Follow the trail of the prettiest ketch on the water as she voyages from Panama City to Golfito Costa Rica.   Without ever leaving the comfort of your office, you'll get wind burned and salty.

Cruisers Only

Short Stories

So...   You have no time for serious reading?   No problem.   Check out these three short stories:  

The Queens Demise,
Obscured By Clouds, and
Blue Zen.

All three are available in digital format at Smashwords.   It's good stuff and some of it's free!   Check it out.

Sailors Myth # 1:   Don't bring red wine on-board.   It stains the gelcoat.

Myth Buster # 1:   Hell yes it stains!   Life is short.   Don't deprive yourself of the finer things available because you might have to clean up afterward.

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