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Ketch 22 on The US East Coast

Ft Lauderdale to Charleston SC

Ketch 22 arrived in the Atlantic Coastal waters in March of 2009, as cargo aboard the freighter Federal Patroller from Golfito, Costa Rica.   Arriving in Port Everglades (Ft. Lauderdale) Florida, she was quickly offloaded and Naty and I got on board and started a trek North on the Inter-Coastal Waterway(ICW) .   Because of my interpretation of Florida's rather odd rules on the punitive taxation of transient yachts relative to Georgia, I opted to head directly to Brunswick Georgia, where I got some well deserved maintenance completed prior to returning to California.   It does get a  little cold  in Georgia, but then it's been getting so cold in south Florida the last couple of years that the iguanas have been falling out of their trees after getting so cold they can't hang on any more.   The fall from the tree is more dangerous to them than the cold if they happen to fall onto a hard surface.   Despite the cold, we had a great time during our stay in the Atlantic coast of the US, and it's documented here in the links below and elsewhere in the site.

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Ketch 22 Going Up
Ft. Lauderdale, heading North 2009
Low Country Spanish Moss
Georgia Low Country, 2010
Charleston SC waterway
From Savannah To Charleston

Sailors Myth # 10   Good beer and wine should be served at or near room temperature.

Myth Buster # 10:   Works great if you live at or above latitude 45 without central heating.   The rest of us are going to cool it to between 60 and 70 deg F (about 65 to 71C).

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