Ketch 22 in the Pacific Cup 2004

Photo Gallery of the sailing voyages of Ketch 22

Sailors Myth # 5:   Fast is fun.

Myth Buster # 5:  For those who believe the myth, this won't come as a surprise, but fast is also labor and capitol intensive.

Ketch 22 sailed in the Pacific Cup "fun race" to Hawaii in late June and early July of 2004.  After the race, she spent a few weeks at the Kaneohe Yacht Club and she then returned to her San Francisco homeport at the Oakland Yacht Club .   On the way to Hawaii, the crew for the race was myself, Pierre Henry , Dan Casey and my daughter who had just graduated from high school, Alyson Marlow .

The return trip was made about three weeks after arrival in Hawaii, which gave enough time to make some needed repairs, and to change out the crew.   The race crew flew home, and Sean Casey, and Dianne Purcell joined me for the 20 day return voyage.

Oahu, about 2200 open ocean miles distant.

Mari Chai IV, the 'other' ketch in the race.

Mari-Cha and Ketch 22 share the same Furuno radar, and little else.

We had a great start, but the winds soon died and we wallowed around in the offshore chop for about 24 hours.   By the end of the 24 hours, we had drifted north, nearly to Duxbury Reef.   That was a little discouraging.   Eventually, the wind filled in and the cold weather turned to balmy tropical temperatures as we made our way further south and west, towards Hawaii.

A little chilly at first.

A sun watcher hard at work.

Time for introspection.

Alyson ready to raise the staysail.

Alyson, the alert helmsman.

Don't forget to eat those beans!

Barbara Striestrand after removal from the prop!

Dan at the helm.

Pierre getting a sun fix.

Email en-route via HF radio.

Rain squall in the distance.

Ketch 22 under sail.

Things are starting to warm up.

A southern latitude sky.

Food for thought.

Sail Repair underway.

Competition on the horizon.

Wing on wing.

Wake me when it's over.

Nearly two weeks later, we arrived in Kaneohe Bay.   Tired and lighter, but otherwise fine.

Landfall at 4AM.

Solid ground. What a concept!

Island Babes!

Kaneohe Yacht Club pool and marina.

Ketch 22 at the Kaneohe YC quay.

California Girl, a pretty little yacht.

Getting ready to go.

Davey, Sean and the Kaneohe YC grounds.

The return trip delivery crew.

Heading back to California.

After a three week stay on Oahu, we returned to San Francisco with a crew change.

Leavin Oahu.

Dianne at the helm.

Sean puttin in a reef.

Food for thought.

Kickin' back, lookin' back.

Here comes The Dolphin Posse.

Kite Flyin underway.

Looking for more dolphins.

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