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Catching Fish While Underway.

While underway, I generally try to catch some fish to  supplement my diet.   Fishing is easy aboard Ketch 22 if you have the right equipment.   I use a 100 ft length of 300 lb test line, and 20 feet of 80 lb test mono-filament line.   I always use lures that are simple in design, sometimes just a wooden plug with a hook.   I tie the lure to the mono-filament line, using a short stainless steel leader, and tie the 300 lb test line to Ketch 22, generally the port side stern deck cleat.   The stainless steel leader is required, because a lot of the fish that are   attracted to the lure  that can keep up with Ketch 22's nominal 6 or 7 knot pace, have really sharp teeth which will sever a mono-filament leader instantaneously.   So sharp in fact, that I have lost a couple lures when a fish chewed thru the stainless steel leader.

The rig is now ready to be dragged through the water by Ketch 22.   I drop the lure in the water and slowly release a bit of the line as the forward motion of the boat takes the slack out of the released portion.   When the line is fully immersed in the water, I face forward, tend to the helm, and forget about the lure for 15 or 20 minutes.   I check the tension on the line at irregular intervals and when the tension changes, I bring in the line hand-over-hand , hopefully  with a fish attached   to the lure.

That's it.   No fuss, no muss.

Filleting works well, with the unused portions going over board to be re-cycled.   My personal preference is to pan fry in olive oil, but it's the cook's prerogative.