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Ketch 22, Freedom 39 Cat Ketch, hull # 22

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Sailing, philosophy, observations. It's all here.
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Blog: The Sea of Cortez; C. B. Mosher's observations

Blog: to Golfito; T. Welsh Reflections: Panama to Costa Rica

Blog: to Golfito; W. Kaelin Reflections: El Salvador to Costa Rica

Blog: The Pacific Coast; day to day life aboard Ketch22



Cruising Central America ... and More

Pictures and more! Ketch 22 In Central America   Follow the trail of the prettiest ketch on the water without ever leaving the comfort of your office.   Click the icon on the left for a pictorial and textual reference guide to a voyage that started in San Francisco, went through the Panama Canal, all the way to Charleston South Carolina.   The skipper decided that was far enough, and he turned around and sailed back through the Canal to Mazatlan, where Ketch 22 sits today.

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Wanna sail the Oceans?   Check out Ketch 22's favorite cruising gear and bring it aboard your boat before you take off.   It's good stuff and surfing is free.   Check it out.

Sailors Myth # 17:   Oak and butter in a Chardonnay is soooo' California and soooo' passe.

Myth Buster # 17:   Yeah. Right.

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