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Cruising California

Ketch 22 has been in California waters since 1999, plenty of time to sample many of the delightful cruising locations in and around San Francisco Bay and a trip to San Diego. California and San Francisco Bay in particular has a long history of sailing and maritime commerce. One of the more colorful sailors, a former member of the Oakland Yacht Club (who had his membership suspended for non-payment of his monthly dues) was Jack London, the famous author. Jack was a sailor of some reknown, and if you go HERE , you can read about Jack sailing in San Francisco Bay. You can also read some of his sailing novels if you get the urge.

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Angel Island Ferry
Angel Island CA
Cat Ketch Frenzy
Cat Ketch on SF Bay
Circumnavigation, a Near Years Day tradition
Alameda Around The Island
A Drakes Bay Cruise
Drakes Bay
California Coastal Cruising
SF to SD
Dude at Herman And Helens
The Delta
Cruise to the Farallon Islands
Farallon Islands
A Jazz Cup Spinaker
The Jazz Cup, 2009

Sailors Myth # 9:   Cheap wine tastes as good as expensive wine.

Myth Buster # 9:   On occasion maybe, depending on the palate, the price range, the variety and vintage, and the vineyard, etc.   For consistency, buy between $8 and $18/bottle.

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